Admission management at all companies and shops. Allrent offers a temporary rental solution!

Allrent offers a temporary rental solution!

It is possible that the strict Corona (Covid-19) laws might be slackened at the end of this month. The criteria of 1,5m social distancing gives us an idea of how society will be shaped in the months to come. One thing is sure, the Corona virus will continue to influence the way we conduct our daily lives in the foreseeable future.

If the guidelines are slackened, people will probably head outside in hoards and safety will need to be guaranteed. To protect both your employees and your customers, we can offer you temporary rental solutions. By placing (indoor) screens in shops, supermarkets, town halls, health institutions, shopping malls and hospitals you can display guidelines and the implied measures that your staff and visitors will need to comply with. Besides, for example, reminding visitors of the 1,5m social distancing requirement you could display warnings, breaking news or even product and service advertisements.



  • Inform customers over the implied rules
  • Help protect both customers and employees against infection and transmission of disease
  • Make the waiting time for customers less mundane
  • As well as health warnings and guidelines, you can advertise productions or special offers

All of our indoor screens have an internal media player and can function as “stand-alone” information displays.

Shops/health institutions/town councils are compelled to ensure a safe (working) environment for customers and employees. The suggested guidelines and health measure will be enforced by law to ensure that they are followed. You can now place screens with clear and concise information at the entrance as well as throughout your premises for as long as the Corona Rules and Regulations are in place.

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