PC rental

These PC / Computers and Laptops can easily manage heavier office applications as well as the lighter office apps. All rented computers by AllRent are especially for you assembled – computers and laptops are tested before use by our own technical department.

All delivered HP / Compaq or Apple computers and laptops are tailor made with only A-brands. Our computers and laptops are at least equipped with a powerful processor.

Computer rentals

Do you need to rent a Powerful HP or Apple computer for your project or event? Allrent has a broad range of computers to choose from whether you need a PC that is suitable for all internet and office applications or a powerful Apple workstation for heavy duty multimedia applications. Our HP and Apple computers, which have been the standard for many years, will seamlessly integrate into your project. All of our computers are delivered with an up to date Operating System and in most cases an up to date MS Office Suite.

Grote aantallen uit eigen voorraad

Large quantities in our own stock

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Fast delivery

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Within 30 minutes an offer

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We can deliver on location

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