Rent a hotSpot

Our Dongles for the business market can only be used in the Netherlands. Rent one Dongle or rent larger numbers of Dongles, Allrent can handle it all.

A HotSpot is a place where a wireless (WiFi) internet connection is provided. This HotSpot (TI-Box) offers users the opportunity to connect to the internet in a certain radius. They can use devices like a tablet, PC, laptop or Smartphone to do this.

All the Dongles and HotSpots we have in our assortment are tested by our very own Technical department before renting them out. With the equipment from Allrent you can always rent the IT solution which fits your situation. In case of an emergency; our Service & Support is always ready to keep your Dongle or HotSpot (TI-Box) working for you.

The best solution for temporary internet

With a Dongle or HotSpot from Allrent you are connected in a flash!

Use the internet like you are used to with a cable connection, fast and with access to your company’s applications.

Of course we only provide wireless internet at the sharpest (rental) price/quality rate of the Netherlands. Are you looking to rent a Hotspot TI-Box or a Dongle? Renting a TI-Box from Allrent ensures you will get an up-to-date, A-brand device. Are you looking for a temporary HotSpot? Rent our Internet HotSpot TI-Box to provide wireless internet nearly anywhere.

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